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Message from Director to future trainees

Today in Japan one in two persons contract cancer and one among three is killed by this.  There have been big changes in environment of cancer treatment: we had been taken care of cancers according to organ contracted, in institute and hospital's independent ways.  But nowadays, systemic understanding and practice cancer treatment beyond boundaries among organs are required, which include standardization from Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), or development of a new treatment derived from clinical tests.

Given the background, we opened the Division in this school in March, 2008.  In addition, the University Hospital opened The Cancer Center.  The Department of Medical Oncology is taking a major role as a treatment office of the center.

Cancer care is inevitable for clinicians in the future regardless of hospital's size.  Studying medical and clinical oncology must turn to be your priceless experiences in your practice later.  Whereas our clinical training program has short rotations, you can learn basic knowledge.  We also appreciate trainee who is enrolling into our department and becoming a Medical Oncologist.  Creditable medical oncologists are needed in flagship hospitals and local cancer centers nationwide.

Medical oncology is still new department.  We want to create a new medicine in a fresh atmosphere together.  We welcome you who want to study oncology, in the western Tokyo area surrounded by greenery.

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