The area of cancer treatment is advancing in a great speed as a name of oncology.  Especially, development in cancer chemotherapy is significantly developing.  It has become more effective; on the other hand, its application and toxicity has turned to be more complicated.  New drugs like molecular-target agents has emerged continuously.  It has become important in cancer treatment to implement thrapies with a complehensive viewpoint regardless of targeted organs or ways of treatment.

A new division of Medical Oncology dedicated for comprehensive cancer treatment was established in Kyorin University School of Medicine in March, 2008, in which chemotherapy takes a major role.  Interdisciplinary team medicine is required especially in cancer treatment, so that the team can function with collaboration with multiple divisions like surgery, internal medicine, radiology, pharmacy, nursing, and social work.  The Department of Medical Oncology intends to take a central role in such a comprehensive cancer treatment.

In April 2008, the Cancer Center was founded in Kyorin University Hospital.  The Center offer appropriate cancer treatments based on updated scientific evidences, beyond boundaries among treatment departments.  The Department of Medical Oncology is the central division of the Center.

Our Department offers the most appropriate therapy tailored with individual patient, in which chemotherapy takes a major role.  Also, clinical tests to develop more effective new drugs in agressive ways.  We regard that in chemotherapy appropriate implementation based on scientific evidences and treatment with cordial relationship between patients and staffs are critical.

Illnesses We Take Care of

Digestive sytem cancers including: liver cancer, biliary tract cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, and esophageal cancer.  Intractable cancers like primary unknown cancer. Other general malignant tumors.

Our Basic Policy

  • We practice standard chemotherapy based on updated scientific evidences.
  • Our division is dedicated mainly for intractable cancers.  Collaborating with other treatment divisions like surgery, radiology, palliative care, and individual organs or apparatuses divisions, we choose the best therapy considering individual patient's condition including the degree to which his/her cancer develops and his/her physical and social functions.
  • Cancer chemotherapy is still developing and has not met satisfactory efficacies.  So, we aggressively promote clinical tests to establish more effective standardized therapies.

Outpatient Chemotherapy Office

To meet a request that patients want to continue their chemotherapy without being disturbed daily lives, we are arranging environment that enables outpatient chemotherapy.  Our outpatient chemotherapy office has stretched from 7 to 14 beds in November 2008.  Expert pharmacologists, nurses, and other staffs dedicated for cancer therapies are continuously present in the office, so that safe and comfortable treatment can be offered.

Amount of case and achievement

We have taken care of the following cases:
Diagnosis: amount of cases

  • Pancreas cancer: 31
  • Colorectal cancer: 24
  • Biliary tract cancer: 18
  • Intrahepatic bile duct cancer: (7)
  • Extrahepatic bile duct cancer: (5)
  • Gull bladder cancer: (5)
  • Papilla cancer: (1)
  • Stomach cancer: 8
  • Liver cell cancer: 5
  • Throat cancer: 1
  • Submaxillary gland cancer: 1
  • Tongue cancer: 1
  • Gastrointestinal stromal tumor: 1
  • Anal cancer: 1
  • Appendix cancer: 1
  • Primary unknown cancer: 1
  • Total: 93

Therapy: amount of cases

  • Systemic chemotherapy: 89
  • Hepatic intra-arterial chemotherapy: 1
  • Hepatic arterial embolization chemotherapy: 1
  • Palliative care: 2
  • Total: 93