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Professor  Furuse, Junji M.D.Professor Junji Furuse M.D., Ph D.

Our division was founded in Kyorin University School of Medicine in March, 2008, meeting the request of the days that special divisions and courses for cancer treatment were needed in university hospitals.

Kyorin is an unique among many medical schools and university hospitals, since its headquarter locates in the Tama and Western Tokyo area that has more than 3 million population.  The Cancer Center was founded within the Hospital in April, 2008, to assume cancer treatment in the area.  Our division is also playing a central role in the Cancer Center.

Our division implements cancer treatment especially with chemotherapy, as well as we understand the comprehensive cancer treatment including epidemiology, prophylaxis, diagnosis, and care.  Our division is still small; however, we take a leadership of this country's cancer treatment and collaborate with other countries, as well as we appreciate the local cancer care and education in the medical school.

Today in Japan, one of two person contract cancer and one among three is killed by it.  Controlling cancer has been a major task for humankind, so we also intend to move forward from small but steady steps.

Anyone who are interested in our activity, medical students, trainee doctors, physicians, pharmacologists, nurses, clinical test staffs, patients and their families, and local residents are welcomed to our website.